Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hey Luxers, it IS moi. Did you miss me? *desperate look on her face* please say yes!


So, exciting news! I'm turning my blog...into a full blown website!

Yes, that's right...Emmy is taking this whore corner, and making it a fulltime brothel!

Now, it might take a bit of time to get it up and fully functioning, however, my father is buying me the website pretty soon! Then, we are going to try and find a graphic designer and programmer!

I'm really ready...Emmy's about to shake up the web...and make it a bit more sarcastic! *throws confetti*

Okay other news, I've recieved an online award and it was a part of this chain type thing, and I was TAGGED. Now...I'm a lazy person...really...the only thing I wont do laying down is consume food and beverages, and thats only because I'm afraid of choking, so I should really apologize for not returning the favor of giving the award.


But...I don't even remember who gave me the award and who I'm supposed to give it to anymore, but I will go on the record and say "I love you, and I appreciate it." more peice of exciting Emmy news...I'M WRITING A FILM! Yes...I'm currently working on a screenplay, with my sister Andy, and its for a movie called "Copeland." Thats all the details I can give you. Of course, it will be indie and, IS me, there has to be some sort of symbolic peice of something in there. haaa.

*laziness kicks in* I'm so tired of typing now...

alright...I had something else for you...uhh...what was it...

oh yes...


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my nails. I got them done in celebration of my last day of work at that hell hole Redskins Stadium.


Okay so...I've got to go, I'll probably shell out some more posts and do some blog revamping, and put some new music up.

Ciao babies.



PS: Who else thinks that Fashion Rocks 2008 needs to be here already? I'm too stoked to contain my excitement! If I had seams...I would be bursting at them. ;)