Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jesus Emmy...Hiatus Much?

Been busy trying to NOT fail school...and I have succeeded!

So...I you will be seeing alot more of me...whether you like it or not...hopefully you DO like it. ...Cause then I'd just be talking about a bunch of stuff and no one caring, or believing me...I'd be George Bush...NO NO, I just came up with that one, I swear. LOL

A bit of music for you:

Strawberry Fields Forever - Jim Sturgess

and an inspirational pic for you to munch on...not forreal though, it wouldn't be delicious.

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Gotta go for now, I hope you missed me. I surely missed YOU. *hug* Seriously...I forgot how much I loved to blog and recieve feedback from you lovely readers.


PS: here's my nails Image and video hosting by TinyPic